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Who we are

SayPlants is a business partnership founded in 2020. Our mission is to build the best directory of plant-based restaurants in the world.

In order to do so we use images and copy relating to particular restaurants. Our intention in doing so is to promote these restaurants and help hungry consumers find good options. If you are the legitimate representative of a restaurant and do not wish to be featured on our site, we are happy to remove you from the site - just get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram pages - or email us.

Where a suitable image is unavailable we may use high-quality representative images instead, much like UberEats or Deliveroo does.


If you'd like to get in touch you can find us on Facebook, Instagram or email us at sayhello@sayplants.com.

Terms of sale for premium subscribers

Free trial

As per the 2020 Visa trial subscription requirements, we are obligated to inform our customers of the following. Your subscription includes access to exclusive discounts and benefits at a range of vegan and vegan-friendly (restaurants offering vegan options) restaurants, outlined in detail on our offers page.

Information on start and end date of your subscription, the length and price of the free trial, and the cost of the subscription after the free trial is readily available on the Stripe Customer Portal, easily accessible from your account page. We will send you a reminder 7 days before each billing date, to the email address registered with your account.

You will be billed immediately after your free trial ends, a date indicated on the Stripe Customer Portal, which is easily accessible from your account page. Unless you cancel your subscription, you will be billed for renewal one month or one year after that date (depending on the type of membership you signed up for).

Each individual restaurant offer that comes as part of the SayPlants subscription may be subject to unique terms, easily seen when those offers are used. In order to present a faithful representation to our users, we do our best to ensure that only active offers are present on the site. However, restaurant representatives reserve the right to revoke or remove an offer at any point in time.


From time to time, SayPlants encourages our members to help our with our marketing efforts in return for benefits, such as reduced SayPlants membership prices. We want to make SayPlants the best it can be and so it's our pleasure to work with our members to grow it and support the vegan mission - to help more people eat more plants.

Details of promotions are outlined wherever they are available. Typically we will offer 'credit' in return for some activity (such as inviting a friend to use SayPlants). In such cases, our members (and their friends) are able to earn 'credit' when their friends sign up for paid SayPlants memberships.

'Credit' is equivalent to money stored in your Stripe Customer Balance. When you are billed monthly or yearly (depending on the type of membership you signed up for), your billing amount will be calcualted by subtracting the amount of credit you have in your account from the billing amount. Your credit will reduce by however much was subtracted from your last bill and the remainder will stay in your Customer Balance to be used at the next billing date.

You can easily see how much credit you have (as a premium member) by visiting your account page.


We're sad to see you go! You can easily cancel your subscription at any time on the Stripe Customer Portal, easily accessible from your account page. If you have a moment we'd love to know why our service wasn't right for you - just email sayhello@sayplants.com. We can take a bit of helpful criticism!