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We're on a mission.

It's great to eat plants

Eating more plants is a great thing to do. Restaurants know this, and now you can find truly delicious plant-based cuisine in restaurants everywhere.

Despite all this amazing progress, we still felt that something was missing. There were plenty of incredible all-plant eateries out there, and an ever-growing number of vegans, flexitarians and reducetarians looking for their next bite. So why were so many customers settling for crusty beanie burgers and ending up with crushed hopes? We wanted to make it easier than ever to discover the best all-plant eateries.

That's why we built SayPlants.

The best all-plant eateries

And up-to-date information that you can trust

We work tirelessly to keep our database accurate and up-to-date. These incredible restaurants deserve heaps of attention, so we do our best to shout about how fantastic they are. When you use SayPlants, we want you to be inspired by how many brilliant options there are for you rather than feel overwhelmed by information, or sceptical of what you see.

The P word

We're a company with purpose. We want to make it easier than ever to eat more plants.


We're on a mission to make an all-plant diet easier and more exciting for everyone - we may be vegan but we're definitely not just for vegans.


We're impact-oriented. We commit to being as sustainable as possible, and we'll support the success of businesses that promote all-plant living. If that includes you, please get in touch.


We hope you love SayPlants - but we know we're not perfect. If you have thoughts on how we could do a better job, let us know.